Sports and Leisure Clubs

Our specialist team has been providing sport insurance for a wide range of Sports and Leisure Clubs for over 10 years. We are proud of our direct relationships with some of the most prestigious national sporting organisations. Never forgetting the importance of ‘grass roots’ Sports and Leisure Clubs at local level, we can support your clients with tailor-made cover available through our exclusive scheme.

We offer a complete package for sports and leisure facilities and clubs including property, cover for grounds/playing surfaces and scoring equipment as well as catering risks, stock and liability. Rather than expect you to fit your clients’ business into a series of section limits, our personal service will allow you to buy the cover your client really needs.

  • Specialised covers designed to give your client the coverage they really need
  • Fast experienced underwriting support
  • Access to experienced risk management
  • Fast issue of documentation
  • In-house claims service to liaise with insurers and underwriters on your behalf
  • Good commission deals to help you grow your business.

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There is no need to choose between experience and personal service. With Kerry London Underwriting you can have both. Contact us for expert, personal advice on your insurance needs.

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