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We’re still very much open for nightclub insurance business

Monday 26th November
We’re still very much open for nightclub insurance business

It’s fair to say that providing insurance for nightclubs and other late-night venues is not high on the list of priorities for many insurance companies.  The market has recently seen a swath of providers get their proverbial coats and leave.  But thankfully, at Kerry London Underwriting, we are still very much open for this type of business.

It’s not hard to see why many others have hung up their dancing shoes.  Any venue that combines alcohol and people is a challenge for insurers, with increasingly bad loss ratios the reason behind many companies calling time. But we’ve done our homework and have built a scheme that allows nightclub owners, and indeed owners of other late-night venues, to obtain the insurance they need.

So, whether it’s a disco, a wine bar, a pub or pre-club bar, we’ve got a policy that works in the real world. And that’s good, because there’s so much to consider.  Our policy, amongst other things, offers the following:

  • Cover provided by an A rated insurer
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Commercial Legal Protection (Covered free of charge)
  • Surveys undertaken by Risk Stop – providers market leading risk management services to the insurance industry
  • The option of a £10m Public Liability limit
  • Cloakroom Liability Cover extension
  • Clerical/managerial staff are automatically covered free of charge on the policy

As well as this, there are also a number of free helplines available for all policyholders.  These cover:

  • Legal and Tax Advice
  • Redundancy Approval
  • Crisis Communication
  • Counselling Assistance

So, if you need a quote for one of your clients then simply get in touch with one of the team.  And, as you would expect, it’s A-rated capacity supported by true underwriting expertise.

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