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Thursday 1st August
The home of construction insurance

Just like England have done this year, construction insurance tends to be something that needs to be built and refined over time to get conditions just right.

Most sporting events don’t live long in the memory. But winning a World Cup tends to be the exception to the rule. 2019 now joins 1966 and 2003 as major English World Cup winning years. In the football we needed extra time to seal the deal; in rugby we needed Jonny’s boot very, very late on; and in the cricket we needed a super over.

Indeed, the super over came as somewhat of a surprise to us. As normal time concluded, we assumed England had lost, by virtue of the fact that New Zealand had lost less wickets than the us. At this point, we launched the remote control across the room. When the shouting stopped, we knew all wasn’t lost. And we all know what happened after that.

Building construction

England began constructing a plan to win the World Cup several years ago, building a team full of all the elements they needed to triumph. The comparison to Kerry London Underwriting is uncanny. 33 years ago we began building an insurance business based on providing bespoke solutions to the construction industry. Now we offer so much more, our hearts always belong to the builders.

As one of the UK’s leading construction wholesale brokers, we’re focused on designing and providing a wide range of construction products, competitive premiums, with trusted insurers.

Our cover focuses on the key liability risks, of which both employer’s and public liability are available online. And we cater for the more complex risks and larger clients with turnovers in excess of £4 million through our bespoke underwriting service. We offer personal accident and professional indemnity extensions as standard, as well as optional extensions for office cover, property and contractors all risks if they’re required. We have over 100 construction and building related trade covers available.

Whatever you and your clients need, our specialist underwriters will work closely with you to find the most appropriate cover. To find out more, we’re very happy to send Chris Watkin, our Business Development Manager out to see you.

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