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Right to Light Insurance

Tuesday 16th March
Right to Light Insurance

Right to Light insurance has been designed to protect builders and developers from claims made by neighbours who believe they have had their amount of natural light reduced as a result of a development.  

Whether your client is a developer or simply a landowner, Right to Light insurance is a vital policy to have in place. Even on single developments the compensation settlements, costs to rectify the situation and legal fees can be significant, and on larger developments, the cost can be huge. It is important to ensure that your clients are covered so that they are not left with a hefty bill should any right to light issues arise.  

A major misconception is that planning permission, which involves analysis of daylight and sunlight, is all you require to proceed with construction. However, the right to light is a private right which is entirely separate to the planning process. A completely separate analysis needs to be carried out in order to assess whether the development has the potential to cause interference with a neighbour’s right to light. 

Injunctions can be awarded and these can result in a developer or landowner having to amend their proposed scheme or, in extreme cases, cease work altogether  

At Kerry London Underwriting, we offer ‘A’ rated cover. Some of the specifics include: 

  • Legal costs involved in addressing claims
  • Compensation costs to the claimant
  • Identifiable loss from adjoining owners as identified by the Right to Light surveyor
  • Cost of any financial settlements, including damage awards
  • Abortive costs incurred as a result of a third-party claim
  • Loss in land value if a project is permanently halted by the Court

Each policy is tailored to the specific development and is a one-off purchase.  Kerry London Underwriting can also provide you with other legal indemnity covers, including: 

  • Restrictive covenants. 
  • Defects in the title, including loss of deeds
  • Lack of adequate access and/or services
  • Leasehold problems
  • Flying freehold
  • Chancel repair

Read and download our Right to Light checklist/declaration form >  

Here to help 

Our team are focused on making your life easier. Here’s how we do that: 

  • Online broker quote and bind facility, with real-time underwriter support if needed
  • We always use rated markets
  • We offer additional covers, included as standard
  • Whether the risks is simple or complex, we give every policy the same care and attention
  • We support over 100 construction and building related trades
  • We offer policies for trade combining

If you’d like to talk about Right to Light or indeed any other policy we provide, then get in touch. 

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