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Read our new Product Quick Guides

Friday 16th June
Read our new Product Quick Guides

At Kerry London Underwriting we’re not content standing still. We are always looking at ways to help you to be more successful through our range of products and services.

Product Quick-Guides

We constantly review, improve and expand our range of products and the list of leading insurers we work with. We have published a set of Quick Guides that highlight at a glance some of our leading products.

Our guides are downloadable as PDF’s. Click on any of the links below to read the full guides:

Per Capita Liability

Construction Trade Liability

Property Owners including Non-Standard Properties

Professional Indemnity Insurance (Estate Agents, Property Management)

Professional Indemnity Insurance (Contractors, Engineers)

Large Construction Risks

Private Ambulance Scheme

Lloyd’s Broking

If you would like to speak to our team about any of the products mentioned in these guides, or for more information, please call on 020 7623 4957.

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Read our new Quick Guides